Paris based Grace Kim Unveils New Captivating Piano House Gem 'All The Love‘, out on Déepalma Soul.

Hailing from the vibrant cultural blend of Seoul, South Korea, and Paris, France, Grace Kim brings a unique perspective to her music. Drawing on her multicultural upbringing and a family steeped in the arts, her latest offering showcases her ability to seamlessly blend genres while maintaining a signature sound.

‘All The Love’ is a testament to Grace’s musical finesse. The track’s infectious energy, propelled by its piano house foundation, is elevated by the addition of one-of-a-kind female vocals. Grace’s meticulous attention to detail and composition shines through, resulting in a balanced and engaging sonic experience.

With a deep understanding of musicality and an innate talent for captivating an audience, Grace Kim has carved a niche for herself on both local and international stages. Her upcoming release, ‘All The Love’, holds the promise of being a standout addition to her growing discography.

Grace Kim’s ‘All The Love’ is out on Déepalma Soul on 29th September 2023.


01. Grace Kim – All The Love

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