Mika grew up in a profoundly musical household, his parents being professional musicians who put him into classical piano and jazz guitar lessons from the moment he had enough motor control in his hands to hold a guitar pick. The first record he bought was a now-out-of-print EP of Parliament Funkadelic covering Kraftwerk’s “Calculator.”

Born in Germany and now based out of Saigon, Vietnam, Mika is one of the constantly growing members of the blooming dance scene in Europe from the past years. His innovative production style and electrifying DJ sets have made sure that his name is repeatedly featured high on the bill for bookings. 


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Influenced by the 80’s and 90’s electronic music, he started with music production in the early 90’s. And soon even the first releases followed in Germany and Europe on various labels. After the first few successes it did not take long and it came the first remix request’s or offers to produce other musicians and DJs to. Mika stands till today for his distinctive sound which is a mix between early house sound with the newest production flavours. So stay tuned!