Incl. Lo Que Siento / Kalura

The next release on Déepalma Records comes from the likely pairing of label boss Yves Murasca and imprint favourite Rosario Galati, presenting a smooth and sultry two-track package - Lo Que Siento / Kalura.

A partnership that features prominently throughout the roots of Déepalma’s history, Rosario Galati & Yves Murasca combine once again to bring a silky presentation of their latest work. After a busy stint in the studio working on new projects, the duo return with two new and exclusive cuts – reaching into the deeper side of house music.

First comes ‘Lo Que Siento’, a deep and driving house cut with subtle melodics and a sultry exotic vocal. Watertight drum work and bounding sub-bass provide a sturdy groove, whilst soft synths and organs bring more character. This stripped-back late-night number offers a sensuality like no other, creating a uniquely captivating vibe.

Next is ‘Kalura’, which offers a grittier and heavier sound than its counterpart. Jacking drums meet a catchy sub-bass groove, with synth riffs and stabs diving in and out of each other – modulating to peaks of intensity before diving deep again. The track’s standout bridge section features a gripping female vocal and rising melodies, adding even more character and tying it all perfectly together.

Rosario Galati & Yves Murasca’s ‘Lo Que Siento / Kalura’ lands on 26th November 2021 on Déepalma Records.