Compiled and mixed by Yves Murasca & Rosario Galati

Summer 2019 sees Déepalma Records return with a new edition of its popular Ibiza compilation-series, compiled and mixed by Yves Murasca and Rosario Galati.

Can you hear the summer? Yes you can! At least if you are listening to Déepalma’s new mix album. „Déepalma Ibiza“ is one of these records that every year perfectly reflects the island’s exceptional atmosphere & spirit – as well in the 2019 edition. Whilst listening you sometimes even seem to taste a breeze of the sea or, in the calmer parts, hear the swish of palm leaves in the sand.

The new record, consisting of three delightfully diversified compiled CDs (also available as download-edition), appears as multifaceted as Ibiza yearly represents itself and at the same time contains some of the most hyped dj and producer acts the current scene has to offer. The first mix entitled “Sunset Moods” sees a selection of deep cuts geared for the sunset featuring original outings from artists like Maya Jane Coles, Tube & Berger, Lexer and David Penn to name a few. Up next, the “Pool Party mix” draws on the shuffling hats and infectious melodies of Purple Disco Machine, Claptone, Franky Rizardo and Josh Butler, before the “Beach mix” concludes the package with more relaxed and laidback rhythms from names such as Mousse T., ATFC, Full Intention and Dayne S, here on the remix for Sri Dan Ole’s “Ayolah“. But also the two Déepalma DJs represent at their best for Summer 2019: Yves Murasca and Rosario Galati contribute their new sun-drenched collaborative single “Time” which perfectly melts the duo’s signature sound of bouncy bass and beats with the inimitable passionate vocals from Frankfurt duo Chasing Kurt, all spiced up with enticing arp melodies and uplifting piano riffs.

As you can feel the creators’ strong passion in every of the 44 carefully selected songs on the album we can fully recommend all fans of the current club culture: have a listen and get mesmerized!



01. Tibau – Melodia (Mollono.Bass Remix)
02. Meines feat. Lenny – All Good Things (Extended Mix)
03. Dole & Kom – Samoja (Original Mix)
04. Scibi – Summertime (Extended Mix)
05. Arco – Touch The Sun (Original Mix)
06. Momo Khani & Meindel – Lovebreak (Remake)
07. Karol XVII & MB Valence feat. Lazarusman – Whispers (Gorge Extended Remix)
08. Maya Jane Coles – Visionary (Original Mix)
09. Senol D – Moong (Extended Mix)
10. Lexer – Fine Again (Original Mix)
11. Eelke Kleijn – Space Disco (Original Mix)
12. Dario D’Attis & Definition – Home (Original Mix)
13. Mika Olson – Drift Away (Original Mix)
14. David Penn – Sunset with Viky (Original Mix)
15. Tube & Berger feat. Paji – Kleines Traumparadies (Wild Culture Remix)


01. Loui & Scibi feat. Alec Sun Drae – Who Am I (Sebb Junior Remix)
02. Purple Disco Machine – No Lips (Original Mix)
03. Joeski – Earth Cry (Original Mix)
04. The Ger-Man – Rckn By Myself (Extended Mix)
05. Yves Murasca & Rosario Galati feat. Chasing Kurt – Time (Extended Mix)
06. Romanthony – Floorpiece (Claptone Remix)
07. Andre Rizo – Save Me (The Ger-Man Remix)
08. Sidney Charles – Lucky (Original Mix)
09. 84Bit – Surlash (KPD Extended Remix)
10. Bombay Traffic – Soul Brother (Superlover Remix)
11. Juliet Sikora – I Got It (Original Mix)
12. Steve Lawler – Sueltese (Gorge Remix)
13. Josh Butler – Something (Original Mix)
14. Franky Rizardo – Glow (Original Mix)
15. Ucha – You & Me [Spinnin Again] (Extended Mix)


01. Mike D’ Jais – Feeling You (Extended Mix)
02. Rogerio Lopez & Tim Porta feat. Julie McKnight – Home (N-You-Up & Nick Studer Remix)
03. Mousse T. – Pleasure (Original Mix)
04. Alex Deeper feat. Shawn Pereira – Got To Be Love (Extended Mix)
05. Scott Diaz – We Reminisce (ATFC Remix)
06. Giom – Never Forget (Original Mix)
07. Sri Dan Ole – Ayolah (Dayne S Extended Remix)
08. Can 7 feat. Angela Caran – The Promise (Meines Remix)
09. Full Intention feat. Shena – I’ll Be Waiting (Club Mix)
10. Ben Delay – You Give Me Something (Extended Mix)
11. Holter & Mogyoro – Summer Vibes (Keyano Extended Remix)
12. Alex Lo Faro – Es Vedra (Extended Mix)
13. Casanovy – I Need Your Lovin’ (Momo Khani & Meindel Remake)
14. Alex Kentucky – Sunrise (Original Mix)