Compiled and mixed by Yves Murasca and Rosario Galati

The Beat of the Palms - Déepalma Ibiza 2015 has landed and includes 37 essential Ibiza jams for your collection.

Can you hear the summer? Yes you can! At least if you are listening to the 10th album of Munich based Déepalma Records. „Déepalma Ibiza 2015“ is a record that perfectly reflects the island’s exceptional atmosphere & spirit. In the calm passages you even intend to hear the swish of the palm leaves in the sand.

The both deejays „Yves Murasca“ – Déepalma labelhead, and his partner in crime „Rosario Galati“ – Déepalma key-artist from Sicily have split the project in two parts: part1 “At The Beach” represents the chilled slice of the album. By using a broad range of different Electronica the deejays managed to create a perfect flow that charmes and fascinates the listener from the start. On the one hand the two sound designers have used songs from established artists such as Audiofly or Karol XVII & MB Valence but also dare to mix in tracks from unkown upcoming artists.

Part2 „In The Club“ seamlessly adopts to part1 but brings in more energy from the beginning. The first song „Answering Machine“ from J.E.E.P. in the Downtown Party Network version captures the listener’s attention within seconds and lays the foundation to take him on a journey through the entire spectrum of nowadays House music from Deep- to Tech-House, from Indie Dance to Garage House and back.

As a result we are enjoying a wonderfully balanced masterpiece, being perfectly qualified for the Palm beach. As you can feel the creators’ pure passion in every single song used on this album we can fully recommend all fans of the current culb culture: take a listen and get mezmerized!


1. Sweed Feat. Jalana – Finally (Original Mix)
2. Loui & Scibi – Don’t Lie (Satin Jackets Remix)
3. Boehm – She’s Like The Wind (Original_Mix)
4. Sons of Maria – Luna Park (Original Mix)
5. Audiofly vs. Big Bully – I’ll Tell Ya (Original Mix)
6. Matvey Emerson & Alex Hook feat. Gosha – Shine (Anton Ishutin Remix)
7. Mika Olson – On A Field (Original Mix)
8. Gabriel & Castellon – Es Vedra
9. Invisible Cities – After Midnight (Original Mix)
10. Frame of Mind – Dont Say Goodbye (Original Mix)
11. Mario Cruz – Little Thing (Doorly Remix)
12. Kujira – Wales (Original Mix)
13. Paji & Juliet Sikora – Dimension (Original Mix)
14. Matthew1626, Jamie Kuse & Karolyn Haze – Walk On Water (Prosis Remix)
15. Tikki Tembo – You & I (Original Mix)
16. Yves Murasca & Ron Carroll – Everyone (Sonic Future Remix)
17. Fat Sushi & Benjamin Franklin – Talking To The Moon 
18. Jackspeare – Lefthanded (Karol XVII & MB Valence Remix)
1. J.E.E.P. – Answering Machine (Downtown Party Network Remix)
2. Arcade 82 – Outrun (Original Mix) 
3. Prosis – When Tears Begin To Fall (Original Mix)
4. Holter & Mogyoro – All Our Mistakes (Original Mix)
5. Wild Culture & Juliet Sikora – In You (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
6. Lexer – Rusty Heart (indeed_ Remix)
7. Croatia Squad – Get You Off (Mark Lower Remix)
8. Marc Vedo ft. Mila Falls (David Penn Remix)
9. Cristoph – Rimshot (Chemical Surf Remix)
10. S Jay – Roller (Original Mix)
11. Deux – Party People (Original Mix)
12. Chemical Surf & Gorkiz – Dont Be Jealous
13. David Penn & Rober Gaez – Non Stop Rockin’ 
14. Dry & Bolinger – Tell Her (Original Mix)
15. George Morel – Let’s Groove (Claptone Remix)
16. Dark Matter – Sicilian (Original Mix)
17. Andhim – Wallace (Original Mix)
18. Jochen Pash & Josha – Underground (Original Mix)
19. Matthew1626 feat. Karolyn Haze – While We Still Can (Yves Murasca Remix)