Rising Californian DJ/Producer Robyn Balliet opens her Déepalma Records account with a stunning two-track EP titled 'Reflections.'

Already showcasing her talent through releases on 8bit, Kittball and many more, US artist Robyn Balliet continues to shine with her latest body of work, ‘Reflections’, released on Déepalma Records at the end of March. 

The EP opens on ‘Regret’, where Robyn delivers an energetic and melodically enriched club heater combining progressive, tech and deep house flavours for an organic and unique result. An undeniably gripping fusion of genre influences, displayed through intricately weaved layers of vivid synths, resonant pads, pulsating rhythms, climactic FX and weighty drops, ‘Regret’ is a touch of class. 

‘Bagatelle’ wraps up the release with another impressive display, bringing the second of two canorous cuts to the table. Orbiting its core of rolling drum grooves, percussive drive, and tonal rhythmic sampling, you’ll find a progressive array of harmonic elements, including dynamic piano chords, ethereal stabs, trancey arps, and so much more – it’s a thing of beauty! 


01. Robyn Balliet – Regret
02. Robyn Balliet – Bagatelle

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