Dilby from Berlin Drops Hypnotic Deep House Track on Déepalma Records - 'Barricade'.

Berlin’s very own Deep House virtuoso, Dilby, is back at it again with a sizzling new track that’s set to ignite dancefloors worldwide. Titled ‘Barricade’, this mesmerizing creation is poised to keep the summer vibes flowing well into the autumn months.

Dilby, a name that’s become synonymous with top-notch productions, has firmly secured the coveted Beatport number 1 spot for the genre. With each release, he continues to push the boundaries, and ‘Barricade’ is no exception. The track effortlessly weaves a hypnotic spell, drawing listeners into its pulsating rhythm from the very first beat.

Prepare to be entranced by the spoken male vocals that effortlessly ride the groove, adding an alluring layer to the sonic tapestry. The fusion of these vocals with Dilby’s signature driving drum rhythms creates an irresistible dancefloor concoction that’s hard to resist. Scheduled for release on September 15th via Déepalma Records, ‘Barricade’ is primed to be a mainstay in discerning DJ sets and personal playlists alike. Dilby’s knack for balancing groove and emotion shines through in every note, making this release a must-listen for any Deep House aficionado.

Dilby’s ‘Barricade’ is out on Déepalma Records on 15th September 2023.



01. Dilby – Barricade