Greece based Darksidevinyl returns to the fold with a deep and driving new dancefloor heater - In The House.

Hailing from Egypt and based in Greece, Darksidevinyl creates a fusion of contemporary Afro Sounds with progressive and captivating melodies with one foot in the current and one step forward with a totally fresh direction. His latest offering, one of many on Déepalma, is an intriguing club cut with subterranean flavours and unlimited low-end potency.

‘In The House’ comprises sweeping sonics and heavyweight rhythms alongside a combination of techno-esque melodic components and brilliantly contrasting brass elements to mould a truly unique piece of music. It’s weighty, danceable, and energetic; it’s ominous yet somehow encouraging simultaneously, showcasing dynamic contrast at its absolute best, a dream for DJs and dancers alike, made for big-room spaces and high-spec personal listening.



01. Darksidevinyl – In The House