Incl. Peer Kusiv, FREYA Remixes

Swiss producer Robin Hassler returns to Déepalma alongside Peer Kusiv and FREYA on remix duties for ‘For You / By Your Side’.

First appearing on Déepalma in 2020 via the label’s ‘Winter Moods’ compilation, Swiss native Robin Hassler returns for his full label debut with Peer Kusiv and FREYA delivering signature remixes.

The release opens on ‘For You’, riding punchy beats and uplifting harmonics from the outset. A rolling 4/4 groove steers the track forwards through a myriad of emotive tones and sweeping bass notes, whilst the track’s introspective vocal topline adds endless character to the mix throughout.

Peer Kusiv’s remix of ‘For You’ then sees the track take on new form, as the Kiel native puts on a spirited melodic masterclass. Intensifying sonics and marauding rhythms glide in and out of huge atmospheric soundscapes and suspenseful transitions. This one is huge.

FREYA comes next with her remix of ‘For You’, turning in a bordering on Techno rendition of the original mix with heaps of character and dancefloor appeal. Monumental sound design comes into play early on, bleeding into vast reverberated spaces within the mix as it ebbs and flows through a pulsating bed of driving rhythms and interplanetary musicality.

‘By Your Side’ closes out the release, bringing more melodic-focused upbeat vibes. Blending weighty kicks, tonal percs and racy hat grooves with roughened bass stabs and resonant synth lines, the track’s driving energy and modulating resonance make for an enjoyable contrast of roughness and finesse from start to finish.

Robin Hassler’s ‘For You / By Your Side’ (Incl. Peer Kusiv & FREYA Remixes) is out on 18th November 2022 on Déepalma Records.


01. Robin Hassler – For You
Robin Hassler – For You (Peer Kusiv Remix)
Robin Hassler – For You (FREYA Remix)
Robin Hassler – By Your Side