Gabriel Vezzola touches down on Déepalma with an enslaving melodic-focused two-track release - Be Anything / Trippin Out.

Den Haag based artist Gabriel Vezzola makes his Déepalma debut this April with a stunning duo of emotive dancefloor-ready jams. ‘Be Anything / Trippin Out’ comes with depth and charm, reaching into deeper tones and late-night energy.

‘Be Anything’ opens the release with rolling drums and a gripping bassline melody. Reverberating fills and intricate percussion orbit the track whilst pads and subtle melodies rise in the background. The track’s filtered vocal line and rippling synths add the final touches, tying together the mix with climactic bridges and creative variations.

‘Trippin Out’ completes the release with a show of harmonic mastery. Punchy drums drive the track forward alongside delicate hat grooves and more cleverly reverberated percussive shots whilst an analogue synth lead modulates through different intensities. Hints of Afro House, Melodic Techno and Acid, fusing effortlessly.


01. Gabriel Vezzola – Be Anything
02. Gabriel Vezzola – Trippin Out