Liverpool based DJ & Producer James Silk returns to Déepalma Soul this February following his label debut in 2021 with an emphatic two-track release - filled with classic and uplifting House flavours.

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The first of two danceable cuts, ‘We Still Feel It’, gets off to a flying start with upbeat grooves, gliding pads and a prominent bassline. A consistent and driving energy features throughout as the track ebbs and flows through different phases – blending the light and airy with tastes of the underground.

‘What I Need’ seals the deal with more pacy drum work and an array of bright and warm melodies. Boasting peak time appeal, its progressively rising energy offers several climactic buildups laced with a spirited female vocal that leads to equally momentous throwdowns and full-bodied dancefloor-geared segments.

James Silk’s ‘We Still Feel It / What I Need’ is out on 25th February 2022 on Déepalma Soul.



1. James Silk – We Still Feel It
2. James Silk – What I Need