Incl. Andre Rizo Remix

As we head deeper into the winter months, Déepalma keeps the heat coming with another club-geared release from The Ger-Man, including a remix from Romanian talent Andre Rizo.

The release opens with Andre Rizo’s remix of ‘King Pin’; driven by punchy drum work and rhythmic sub-bass, its terrace-style tech flavours serve up rich low-frequencies and layers of percussive flair. A nostalgic west coast inspired synth line features prominently throughout the track, marrying up perfectly with a gangster vocal.

The Ger-Man’s original cut of ‘King Pin’ follows, pushing an upbeat, big-room feel. Pulsating four to the floor beats meet sizzling hat sequences and a bright, catchy bassline – complimented by that standout synth and vocal combo once again. It brings vivacious energy from start to finish, made for high-energy club environments and wanting dance floors.

The EP closes with more dance-invoking magic via ‘Right Here’. Heavyset kicks build the base of its weighty house groove structure, complemented by synth stabs, strings, tonal risers and much more. Another rhythmic sub-bass throbs through the heart of the track, keeping your feet moving in time with the track’s beating journey.

The Ger-Man’s ‘King Pin’ EP (including Andre Rizo Remix) lands on 19th November 2021 on Déepalma Records.