Mazunte | Me Calma

DÉEPALMA CORE ARTIST Meines & labelhead Yves Murasca deliver an emotive latin flavoured two-track combo of dancefloor-ready cuts - Mazunte Me Calma.

Kicking off the release, ‘Mazunte’ presents itself in the form of an uplifting melodic-led blend of deep flavours. Punchy drums and subtle percussive rhythm collide with prominent chords to create an euphoric melting pot of energy. The track’s transitional phases sport an exotic latin vocal hook that fizzles out as you slide back into its driving groove.

‘Me Calma’ then completes the release with a smooth and seductive edge. A captivating array of synth notes and sultry – also spanish – female vocals combine with more exquisite percussions to give a true sunset feel. The track has a day into night persona, leading you into a mesmerizing dream and keeping you moving from start to finish.


01. Meines & Yves Murasca – Mazunte
02. Meines & Yves Murasca – Me Calma