Incl. Claptone, Purple Disco Machine, Tube & Berger, Eelke Kleijn, AKA AKA, andhim, David Penn, Kölsch and many more…


A seasoned Ibiza veteran, Yves Murasca’s ability to resonate the true essence of the White Isle on all previous album editions has remained unwavering. Returning for 2021, he enlists the creative input of Sicilian artist and household Déepalma regular Rosario Galati once again to perfectly re-capture the musical embodiment of various Ibizan soundscapes in the form of three individual mixes. 

Sunset Moods encapsulates the island’s transition from day into night, with a mix of refreshingly groovy cuts and deeper driving sounds from the likes of Tube & Berger, Eelke Klein, Maya Jane Coles, Andhim, Kölsch and many more. Next up, Pool Party Grooves recreates archetypal poolside dancefloor moments with uplifting melodies and prolifically rhythmic selections from artists such as

Claptone, Purple Disco Machine, Milk & Sugar, Jimpster, David Penn amongst others. Lastly, Beach Feelings delivers a steady flow of more laid back and nonchalantly cadent electronic sounds, perfect for carefree days under the sun, with music from Mousse T., Michael Gray, Mattei & Omich, Babert, Giom and more.

The combined end product results in a perfectly balanced arrangement of mixes and tracks that embody Déepalma’s vast sonic depth. 

Déepalma Ibiza 2021 lands on 9th July 2021 as a limited 3xCD and is available to buy/stream on all major stores and digital platforms.



01. Arco – My Soul Your Soul (Extended Mix)
02. Tube & Berger feat. Thalstroem – La Fogata (AKA AKA Remix)
03. Momo Khani & Meindel feat. StanLei – Lecture (Deep By The Lake Extended Mix)
04. Eelke Klein – Onderhuids (Original Club Mix)
05. Darksidevinyl & Ian Ludvig – Elle (Extended Mix)
06. Rich Vom Dorf – All I Want Is You (Original Mix)
07. Mika Olson – Better (Extended Mix)
08. Ucha – Millions Of Questions (Rich Vom Dorf Extended Remix)
09. Maya Jane Coles – Piano Magic (Original Mix)
10. Dario D’Attis & David Aurel – Hablando (Original Mix)
11. Mauro Longobardo – Don’t Be Afraid (Extended Mix)
12. Andhim feat. Högni – Stay Close To Me (Original Mix)
13. Arel & Schaefer – Parasol (Extended Mix)
14. Gorge & Marc Lenz – Yuna (Original Mix)
15. Kölsch feat. Gregor Schwellenbach – Talbot (Original Mix)
16. Ben Delay feat. Tess Leah – Before I Let Go (Extended Mix)


01. Osunlade – Momma’s Groove (Jimpster’s Hip Replacement Mix)
02. Yves Murasca & Rosario Galati – The Mind (Extended Mix)
03. Kataa feat. Adaya – Oh Little Bird (Extended Mix)
04. Kraak & Smaak feat. Cleopold – Alone With You (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
05. Claptone feat. Matt Simons – Wildside (Sidney Charles Remix)
06. Hector Couto – Blue Lines (Extended Mix)
07. David Penn & Hosse – Con Son (Original Mix)
08. Some & Different – Work It Out (Extended Mix)
09. Nick Curly – What If (Original Mix)
10. Br!tch – Burning (Extended Mix)
11. Andre Rizo – Selfish (Extended Mix)
12. Earth n Days – What You Feel (Original Mix)
13. Milk & Sugar feat. Ron Carroll – House Dimension (Brokenears Extended Remix)
14. Sinner & James – Down To The Ground (Original Mix)
15. James Silk – On My Mind (Extended Mix)
16. Ridney, Angie Brown & Richard Earnshaw – Believe (Block & Crown Remix)


01. Makkeroni – Never Without You (Original Mix)
02. Augusto Gagliardi – Rainy Day (Extended Mix)
03. Danilo De Santo – Etnika (Original Mix)
04. Solntsev – Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
05. Ben Delay – I Told You (Giom Remix)
06. Rosario Galati – Let Go (Extended Mix)
07. T.Markakis – Don’t Tell Me (Original Mix)
08. Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (Mousse T. Remix)
09. Alex Lo Faro – Make Your Body Hot (Extended Mix)
10. DJ Vartan & Techcrasher – Get Over It (Extended Mix)
11. Michael Gray feat. Kimberly Brown – Brother Brother (Original Mix)
12. The Ger-Man – Give It Up (Extended Mix)
13. Mattei & Omich feat. Ella – I Remember (Babert Extended Remix)
14. Glen Horsborough & IDA fLO – Switched On (Michael Gray Remix)
15. Meines – Ajuti (Paradise Beach Extended Mix)
16. Kotelett & Zadak – Hello Species (Mollono.Bass Remix)