Déepalma Records


Rosario Galati (IT)

From Sicily with Love and pure dedication! By skillfully playing with different music genres he is considered as one of the most talented sound arrangers of the recording industry in his home country. Collaborations with artists like Simone Vitullo, …


Yves Murasca (GER)

Déepalma head honcho Yves Murasca is steadily becoming a more and more prominent figure in the scene, drawing from a myriad of musical elements spanning deep to house to tech & back. Whether it’s teaming up with Tube & Berger’s Kittball …


Giom (UK)

Since putting out his first record in 2007, Giom has become a well respected and highly sought after producer, remixer and DJ in the deep house scene. His own brand of quirky and eclectic house music is consistently found …


Holter & Mogyoro (AUT)

Since 2013 the symphatic duo from Vienna produces high-quality House Music and extra ordinary remixes. They both perform as a brilliant DJ live Act – combining DJing and live elements, like analog Synthesizers and drum machines – and as a powerful DJ Duo.


Juloboy (FR)

With several much acclaimed releases over the past years, French producer Juloboy has made himself a recognizable name amongst the Déepalma artist roster. Next to his collaborations on Déepalma, his …


Keyano (AUT)

Performing his music live with a host of keyboards, analogue synthesizers and live electronics is the key focus of his creative work. Keyano is one of a kind and has a totally unique style of playing and jamming live…


JazzyFunk (IT)

JazzyFunk is an experimental Indie Dance / Nu Disco / Deep House Band with Funk and Soul influences. It was formed in 2009 by a Macs Cortella (dj/producer) and Filippo Perbellini (singer/musician).


Mika Olson (VNM)

Mika’s musical style reflects his eclectic influences from high-modernist integral surrealism to jazz-funk fusion to Armenian epic poetry to 80s hair metal all distilled down to pure, crystalline house…


Karol XVII & MB Valence (PL)

Karol XVII & MB Valence, who have been present on the market for over 10 years, deal with various tasks connected mostly with music in their everyday life. They are producers, DJs, composers, lyrics writers …


Matthew1626 (CAN)

My name is Matthew1626 and I am based out of CANADA. I believe we are all Family! Black, Brown, White, Red & all colours!’  One love!  One life!  I am passionate about electronic music & the impact it has on people …


Loui & Scibi (PL)

Loui & Scibi’s collaboration started with “Feel The Sun”, followed by “This Is How We Do It” featuring vocalist Jacob A. and released with remixes by brazilian superstar producer DJ Meme from Rio De Janeiro.


David Caballero (ES)

Audio engineer, music connaisseur and dedicated deejay. David Caballero is an emerging DJ and music producer born in Leon, a town in the north of Spain. Since his early childhood he has been interested in all facets …


Tosel & Hale (GR)

Ian Tosel & Dean Hale are two DJs, remixers and producers, born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. They started dealing with music in 2000 and producing in 2005. Since then, they have their own studio and for the …


Nuwella Love (GER)

Nuwella is a Kenyan-Canadian singer / songwriter and rapper. She was born in Kenya and lived there until she was 11, her family then moved to Canada where she spent most of her school years and time before making the …


DJ Mimmo (CH)

Mimmo is a impressive figure, but not as impressive as his benefits are. In 2013 he has released his first song, a track called “I Die For You” (feat. Jessy Howe), that has charted in Traxsources soulful house-charts top 20 …


Nebu Mitte (ES)

Nebu Mitte is one of the DJ’s with intense projection in the Berlin electronic scene. In just a few months he has managed to carve a niche into the electronic scene of the German capital. Next to his monthly residency …