Déepalma Records


May 2016

Déepalma Records boss Yves Murasca has certainly established himself within the world of house over the last 10 years. Having first released remixes on Star69 Records or Kontor Records, the German’s back catalogue has rapidly expanded across the years, welcoming original productions on Kittball and Milk & Sugar and remixes on King Street Sounds or Universal amongst many. The launch of Murasca’s Déepalma Records in 2013 marked the start of a new label centred around warming, sun soaked and groove filled productions, and as the label enters into and celebrates its third year has seen artists such as Giom pass through. The next release on the imprint comes from Murasca himself alongside long time friend Italian Rosario Galati with their ‘Carry On’ EP, whilst Mika Olson and Touch & Go provide remixes. We managed to get time to talk to Yves and find out a little more about the release and his plans for Déepalma ahead of summer and Ibiza season.

Hi Yves, thanks for joining us. After an impressive 2015 you found yourself in Traxsource’s top 100 House Artists of 2015, congratulations! How do you feel the year went for you?

Hi guys, thanks for having me. The pleasure is on my side! Yes, 2015 was cool. Especially my remix for Vanilla Ace’s MDF tune on Blockhead Recordings seemed to hit the taste of the current market, which is perhaps one reason why I have been selected for the Top100 list of House Artists.

You’ve previously released on a host of labels including Kittball, Milk & Sugar and Temazo Recordings. For those who may not have come across you so far, can you sum up your sound in 5 words?

True house in all facets.

The forthcoming release on the label comes from yourself and close friend Rosario Galati with remixes from Mika Olson and Touch & Go. Can you tell us a little about the making of the tracks on the release and the remixes that accompany them?

Rosario and myself met back in 2013 when he sent me a couple of demos for Déepalma. I was blown away by his style and he turned out to be an extremely pleasant and trustworthy guy, so I have released literally all of his tracks since then on my label. As our relationship developed, and due to the fact that our music taste is pretty similar in regards to what we play in our DJ sets, it was just a logical consequence to also make records together as artists. I appreciate our collaboration a lot. In terms of the remixers I have to say that I am more than happy about the results. Both fully realized my wishes of what they should sound like. I have also been working together with them for a couple of years now. Mika has released ‘Now & Here’ on Déepalma before – I’ve also worked some records for him license-wise that were released on Karol XVII & MB Valence’s Loco Records in recent years – and Touch & Go is a regular for me anyway when it comes to remixing the label’s tunes. He always delivers great quality and I can always fully count on him.

2016 marks the 3-year anniversary of the label, congratulations! What have been the biggest challenges and rewards from running the label so far?

Thanks a lot! I am actually super happy about the development of the label. When I founded it in 2013 I didn’t expect such a rapid growth. What challenges me the most is to listen to all the demos that are sent to us every day and I feel really bad if I don’t manage to, because I know how much time and effort artists are putting into their work due to the fact that I am also an artist myself. However I try hard to fulfill the expectations of the senders and give feedback whenever I can. I might get some additional helping hands for the future in order to being able to check out all of the stuff that’s coming in.

The biggest reward for me in running the label is when I see my label artists developing well. For example, at the moment Holter & Mogyoro from Vienna have put a lot of effort into their project and a clear positive development can be seen already, only one year after their establishment. Things like these make me very happy. We have grown to become a big family and it seems like the majority of our artists are proud and satisfied to be a part of the story.

You’ve released almost 50 releases on the label over the past 3 years with artists including Tapesh, Giom and Vanilla Ace joining you on the journey. What do you look for when it comes to signing material and artists for Déepalma?

When it comes to signing new artists the first thing that matters for me is the music and the production itself. First hand I must like it myself, second hand I must see at least a little potential in it for the market, and last but not least it must meet a certain quality standard because if a track doesn’t sound good, the market will not take it. For sure a lot can be fixed with mastering but the basis must be there. There is too much competition around with loads of tracks sounding massive. The last thing I look for then is the presence of the artist in the social media because this is also essential these days.

The past 3 years have also seen a Beatport number 1 and an iTunes Germany number 1 with your Déepalma Ibiza Mix Album. What are your aims for the label for the next 12 months?

Basically my aim for 2016 is to continue like I did it the last three years: developing the brand Déepalma and our artists. I have just graduated from University with a master’s degree in music management and I am looking forward to investing my new knowledge into the label.

Speaking of Ibiza, the release falls just before the start of the Ibiza season. Do you have any plans for the White Isle in 2016?

I have been in Ibiza every year since 1998 and therefore I will also be there this year. It is not yet clear where I am going to play but some offers are already on the table and in negotiations. Furthermore I am currently in the studio, mixing our forthcoming Ibiza album 2016 which will be out in May.

And lastly, alongside your Déepalma imprint and the ‘Carry On’ release, are there any other projects in the works we should look out for on other labels?

The next release – Rosario’s and my follow-up to ‘Carry On’ – is going to be out on Kittball Records the 17th of May with remixes from Simone Vitullo and our boys Holter & Mogyoro. I have also finished two solo singles for which I will start to plan in the coming weeks. I’ve also got quite a lot of stuff to work off from previous months as the conclusion of my masters thesis was extremely time consuming. However I am super excited for what 2016 has in store!

Source: Ibiza-Voice.com  //  Thank you!