Déepalma Records


July 2016

Italian DJ and Producer Rosario Galati’s creative career first began with his debut release in 2006, and after an impressive 10 years in the industry, he is now renowned as one of the most recognised producers in Italy. Currently a regular at close friend Yves Murasca’s label Déepalma Records – Rosario Galati has a colourful repertoire with his wealth of experience and atmospheric Ibiza-inspired influences clear throughout. After embarking on various projects under different aliases – in 2013 he reverted back to his roots and began making music using his birth name. Producing as Rosario Galati he decided to send tracks to newly founded Déepalma Records and label founder Yves Murasca was instantly sold – marking the beginning of a string of impressive releases on the Déepalma imprint from Rosario Galati and a lasting friendship between the pair. Both artists have recently collaborated on their ‘Carry On’ EP with featured remixes from Mika Olson and UK based Touch & Go. Featuring deep progressive chords, gritty tech accents and powerful vocals, ‘Carry On’ is an Ibiza anthem through and through – released in time to dominate dance floors in super-clubs like Pacha and Amnesia this season on the White Isle.

Thanks for joining us! Your new single ‘Carry On’ in collaboration with Déepalma head honcho Yves Murasca has a balmy summertime feel – released just in time for the upcoming season. Can you tell us a little bit about the new release and the sort of vibe you were both going for?

Thanks for having me and greetings to your readers! ‘Carry On’ is the result of a wonderful collaboration with Yves which I am very happy about. Actually we haven’t aimed on a certain vibe when starting the tune. Everything just developed automatically. This is by the way our preferred way of working on a new track. You are feeling it very quickly if a layout you did will work or not. Then you finish it off.

You’ve been a Déepalma regular since the beginning of the imprint in 2013. Were you a fan of Yves Murasca before you sent him some of your tracks 3 years ago? Have you both influenced each other a lot in terms of your music style?

Not completely from the beginning but quiet early. That’s true. In 2013 I stopped my former project Sicily Pleasure and started to produce under my given birth name. Actually Déepalma caught my attention with its first ever Mix Album mixed by Yves namely ‘Déepalma Miami’. I really liked the vibe on this project so I decided to send over my demos. Yves got back to me instantly and so our collaboration started. Since then the label developed very well and I am more than happy to be a part of it. In regards to the style of us label core artists I think everyone has a unique style what is very important in my opinion. However we all appreciate pushing each other and giving feedback on new tracks whenever needed. I think this is one reason for the great results during the past years.

You currently call Cefalu in Sicily your home, and with Déepalma being based in Munich, are you involved with the label aside from your own releases? Have you ever thought about starting your own label?

No. Actually I am not involved in the label, but of course I try to help Yves wherever I can when he asks me for my opinion. For the moment I also don’t plan to create my own label. Everything is just perfect like it is.

What’s the Italian music scene like? Are there any places you could recommend to people who would not straightaway think of Italy as an obvious location for electronic music?

The Italian scene is promising as we have a lot of great national artists but compared to other countries it is still a bit behind, especially in the live sector. I think there should be way more events.

You’ve experienced the rapidly fluctuating House music scene, and your own production and DJ’ing styles have changed a lot over the last decade! Do you think that you’ve adapted to the general feeling of a crowd or do you think your personal music tastes have changed a lot over the years?

Changes are always there and this is good, otherwise it would be boring after a while. But I don’t think that there exists only one particular reason for the fact that styles are changing. There are so many different influences around. On the one hand it is safe to say that an artists – me included – certainly adapts to trends in a way but on the other hand your personal taste also counts a lot and usually is another important engine that leads you into a certain direction.

The two remixes on the EP are from Touch & Go and Mika Olson – how do you go about selecting artists to remix your tracks? What do you think both artists each bring to the release?

First hand it was important for us to choose some of our buddies on this release; shall mean some other core artists from Déepalma. We like the family vibe we have on the label and picking some of our homies should underline our thinking. The both of us came up with some names and finally we decided to ask Mika Olson and Touch & Go who luckily both had capacity at that time. In the end we think this was the perfect choice as they both did a wonderful job. With two completely different styles they add a lot of quality to the whole release. Many top DJs have appreciated their remixes just as we did so we are obviously very satisfied.

Obviously both yourself and Yves Murasca are regulars in Ibiza – are you going there this summer? Any exciting events on the horizon?

I’m personally not connected to Ibiza but Yves is a lot and I hope we are soon playing together the one or the other event on the island. But first Yves is visiting me in Sicily this august and in-between some studio work, blue sea and Cannoli with Ricotta we will be speaking about our plan for the next months as well. Ibiza is definitely going to be one point on the agenda then.

And finally, are there any new releases or collaborations coming up? Anything for us to look forward to following this new EP?

Basically we are working on new tracks all the time; sending LogicX sessions back and forth via Dropbox literally every day. So there will be more releases later this year for sure. The next release will be a 2016 re-work of my track “Deep In My Chest“ for which Yves also submitted a great remix. And just freshly released is our “Hypnotize EP“ on Kittball with Remixes from our homies Simone Vitullo and Holter & Mogyoro. Additionally I am currently working on a few solo singles in parallel. A lot to come in the next months!