Déepalma Records


January 2015

Hello Matvey! First of all Happy New Year! Great to have you here! How did you spend New Years Eve?
Hi! Happy new year to Déepalma and to all great artists you release! I’ve spent NYE with my girlfriend at my home in Moscow. No crazy parties this time.

You have released one of the 2014 topsellers on Déepalma Records which is still in the Beatport charts since three months. Tell us a little bit more about this tune and how you came up with the idea of sending “Shine” to our label…
I’m happy that our track “Shine” has become so successful. I was surprised. I had the unfinished instrumental for quiet a long time already, then I teamed up with Alex Hook – the owner of the studio where I used to work. Alex added a beautiful guitar part and some pianos to the track. But the most important thing in “Shine” is the vocal from Gosha. He is very talented! I’ve sent this demo to Déepalma ’cause I was a big fan of your VA album Déepalma Ibiza, and now I’m very honoured to be a part of your label!

Your career is taking off quiet a lot at the moment. What do you think is the reason for that? I mean you have been in the biz quiet a while already. What was different in your work in 2014 to the years before?
In 2014 I have re-started my career right from the beginning. I don’t exactly know what it was but something switched in my mind. Now I feel a passion that I have never felt before. Now music is my profession. I have regular releases on great labels, an amazing management, booking agents and I work with true professionals from all over the world! Thank God I made a 360 degree change in my life and career in 2014.

You have already collaborated on some projects together with another of our artists “Rockaforte” – the last one on Love Style Records. You are based in Moscow and him is living in Italy. How did you meet eachother, how did the collaboration start?
Luca (Rockaforte) is a very nice guy and an amazing producer. I know him since his release on Indiana Tones, where I have released as well. We talked on Facebook and I sent him my track ‘Dreams’ with Rene on the vocals. He loved it and helped me to finish it. The result was very good – we had 3 great positions in the Beatport Top 100 with different mixes.

You have just published a bad ass re-work of “Show Me Love” by Robin S on your soundcloud page. How did you come up with that idea?
First of all I love the original track. Since the 90s it was the song that inspired me to make  dance music. The vocal of Robin S has a crazy power! Now my remix reached more than 150K plays on Soundcloud and thanks to my remix I have received many new fans. Also Atlantic Records (the owners of the original) contacted me and offered some good business opportunities.

What is your current top 10 tracklist that you love to play in your sets?
Cromine – Lovin
Matvey Emerson – Run Away
Just Kiddin – Thinking About It
Long & Harris – You (Matvey Emerson Remix)
Wretch 32 – 6 Words (Nora En Pure Remix)
Max Lyazgin – No Regrets (Original Mix)
Vintage Culture – Deep Inside (Original Mix)
Teenage Mutants – Electronic Pleasure (Original Mix)
Sonny Fodera – Where You At (Original Mix)
Low Steppa ft. Natalie Wood – Drifting

You are playing a lot in eastern Europe. Tell your fans: are there also scheduled gigs for the rest of the world in 2015?
We are planning a big tour in Brazil and Europe in 2015. Furthermore we have requests from the Emirates, Egypt. I hope to see a lot of people from all over the world this year!

What is your all-time favorite record?
Hard to name one. Maybe Erkka – Excommunication or Nora En Pure – Come with Me

Tell us about your studio set up! Any particular plug-in favourites? Are you also using analogue equipment? If yes which ones?
I use vst only. My fav is A.N.A by Sonic Academy. No secret things, just my mac with ableton, midi keys and audio monitors.

Apart from the music life, what are your hobbies? Is there still time left when having such a strict time table?
I read a lot of books, love classic literature, Carlos Castaneda, Haruki Murakami. Also I love to play hockey and basketball.

The Deep House Hype has also reached Russia. Tell us a little bit about the scene there. Are there differences between the big cities like Moscow and the rest of this huge country?
I think St. Petersburg can be seen as the capital of the Deep House community in Russia. Also I love to play in Yekaterinburg. There are a lot of understanding people on the dance floors with passionate club managements in the background.

Who are your top 5 favorite artists of the moment? Maybe somebody you would love to get in the studio with… Producers, singers, musicians, etc…
I have been inspired by great producers such as Tensnake, Oliver Nelson, Duke Dumont, Nora En Pure or Sebastien.

You have remixed a lot of tunes in the meantime. What do you think is your best work to date?
Yes, I have had a lot of remix requests lately. But I try to keep a 50/50 balance between originals and remixes in my production history. My Remix for “Long & harris – You” might be my favorite at the moment.

What is the proudest moment of your career so far?
I can’t really name the proudest moment. Amazing things are happening in my life everyday!

What big projects can we expect next from you? For sure you have already scheduled several new releases?!
I have many upcoming releases on Spirit Souls Records. Also I started to work with Universal Music Holland, Atlantic Records. I hope 2015 will turn out great results!

What advice can you give upcoming producers in order to become successful in this overflowed scene of electronic music?
Positive mind, hard work and belief!

Thanks a lot for your time, Matvey! Great to have you on the label!
Thank you and happy new year! All the best!