Déepalma Records


October 2014

Hey guys! How are you doing? Glad to have you here! A stunning release made its way into the market. ‘Your Love’ on Déepalma. Tell us about the history of this tune…
Hi! We’re fine, thanks. When we’ve been starting the production of “Your Love” we wanted to do a positive summer track, something you’ll remember each sunny day. It was not that easy but we think the result is pretty good. First of all, we made a few instrumental versions to check different ideas and melodies. Then we picked up one, and after that we started to look for a vocalist. We knew Nuwella Love from her track “What’s The Point” with Avi Elman. We sent her an e-mail with our demo, and that’s how we started the collaboration with her. The track has received immediate response from our audience and fans both in the clubs and the Internet… we really didn’t expect it to be that big!

There exist super dope remixes from Ian Tosel, Aaron McClelland and Touch & Go – why were these selected for the rework and what is your personal feeling about them?
The label helped us to find remixers so it was the Déepalma guys’ idea but we really like them! They are all very talented producers. Ian Tosel, Aaron McClelland and Touch & Go did a great job. We would like to thank every single one of them once again on this way.

Where did you first road test the Original Mix – was the reaction what you expected
We first tested the Original Mix in a club in Poznań in our home country Poland. The crowd already knew “Your Love” very well from soundcloud and youtube so their reaction was crazy! We really enjoy to play this track as people seem to love it as much as we do.

What is your current top 10 tracklist?
There are so many tracks. It’s always hard to name a Top 10 but we like a lot of stuff from Déepalma, Defected and Taste The Music Records.

How did you meet each other and where does the name Loui & Scibi come from?
Loui: It was in 2008, Paweł (Scibi) had already done a few releases and remixes as a solo artist at that time. I was working on the track “Feel The Sun” and asked Scibi for a remix. After it had all gone so well we decided to create a new version together and release it as Loui & Scibi. It was not that easy because we were living 500km from each other, but the Internet has done the job for us. Our cooperation turned out very good, so we kept on collaborrating and produced “This Is How We Do It” featuring Jacob A. together. Nowadays we live close to each other so there’s no problem to work together in the studio. “Scibi” comes from Paweł’s last name (Ścibura), “Loui” was taken from “Louis Armstrong” with no particular meaning.

Aside from your DJing and producing you are running the event brand and label Taste The Music in Poland? Is that right? Tell us a little bit about this project!
Yes, it’s a brand/label founded by Tomek Gnaciński (Groove Cocktail) and Wojtek Kucharski (Loui). We’ve already released 17 singles and we want to keep on increasing the label’s output. We’ve got a lot of new ideas so during the next years you should see even more music on this imprint. Our Taste The Music team doesn’t only include DJ’s but also vocalists and musicians. It’s a great squad for us and it feels pretty much like family.

What is the next big thing you are going to release? New tunes in the pipeline already?
Our very next single will be released on UK based label Hed Kandi Records by the end of october. It’s called “Believe Me”. On this project we collaborated with the great vocalist “Beth Aggett” from London. We’re really excited about this release as she delivered a beautiful vocal performance! Another single will be available in november on Déepalma. It’s called “Don’t Lie”. We have three great remixes from ‘Satin Jackets’, ‘Max Lyazgin’ and ‘Hot Sand’. Of course there will also be an original mix + official video. We’re very happy about our cooperation with Déepalma as their work is very professional. Obviously we can’t wait for our second release there.

Which place from around the world remains true in your heart as your favorite to date where you’ve played at?
Definitely Amsterdam during ADE. We’ve been there four times and of course we’re going to be back this month. It’s all about the conference there. You can meet a lot of great artists, exchange your experiences, talk about new ideas, projects, music. It’s always good to be back there. We’ve also good memories from Budapest. Great people in a beautiful city! We have very nice memories about our stay there.

What are your all-time favorite records?
Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It,
Blaze ft. Barbara Tucker – Most Precious Love,
Paul Johnson – Get Get Down,
Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey.

Tell us about your studio set up!
The heart of our studio is the computer with Ableton Live on board. We love it for its super-fast workflow and easy use. For recording vocals and instruments we use a Rode NT2-A microphone. In the production studio we have a pair of Eve Audio SC-205 monitors with TS-108 subwoofer, and Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro headphones, connected to Focusrite audio interface. In our productions you can also hear sounds from Waldorf Blofeld and Novation MiniNova synthesizers, and lately we love to use Animoog and other great iPad instruments. In addition we also have a couple of keyboard controllers and Korg padKONTROL for drum sections.

Apart from the music life, what are your hobbies? Is there still time left?
We like to do sports for example football or tennis but sometimes we’re too lazy, then we prefer hangin around with our playstation.

Tell us a little bit about the Deep House scene in Poland. Is it big? Who are the key players in your country and why?
We think the Deep House scene nowadays is more popular than ever before. It’s because a lot of new releases are now coming under the “deep house” umbrella, which – in our opinion – isn’t always true. However, you can still find many good deep tracks maybe because of the fact that we’ve got some very good clubs constantly playing this kind of music. It’s hard to say who is the best or the biggest. Everyone who plays good music deserves respect.

Who are your top 5 favorite artists of the moment? Maybe somebody you would love to get in the studio with… Producers, singers, musicians, etc…
We’re fans of Tensnake! Also we like to listen to tracks from Bondax, Gorgon City, Clean Bandit and Disclosure for sure!

You have remixed a lot of tunes in the meantime. What do you think is your best work to date?
It’s hard to say but maybe it’s our remix of Dajae – Everyday My Life. It’s funny because actually it’s an unofficial remix.

What is the proudest moment of your career to date?
We believe that it’s still before us.

What is your objective for 2015? Any strict plans or do you just wanna keep on doing your stuff and see what happens?
Of course we’ll focus on new singles. We have a lot of new demos/projects which we started some time ago and would like to finish them in 2015. For example the tracks with Justin  Thompson, Skyla J or lately Beth Aggett.

Thanks a lot for the interview guys! We are very happy to have you on our label!
Thank you very much. We hope being able to provide you many more tracks in the future!