Déepalma Records


April 2017

Hi guys, great to have you hear and congratulations on your new Déepalma release “City Lights” with Stage Rockers. How did you meet the guys and where did the idea for the tune come from? What inspired you? What was your part in the production process?

JF: City Lights is a collaboration born in Kiev / Ukraine. We were there for a live show at Sky Bar and we met they guys (Stage Rockers) and we decided to make one track together. Stage gave us the first draft of the song the rhytm and the bass. We took care about the Vocals and piano / synths.

You are a duo, so there are always two opinions. How does that go along? Is there a strict part, which every one of you is responsible for? Like one is doing the sound engineering, the other is doing the lyrics… or are you always doing everything together?

JF:  Macs (DJ) takes care of sound enginnering, graphic design, and music directions. Filippo (Singer, Musicians) takes care about the vocal melodies, lyrics , all instruments & compositions.

You are not only deejays but much more of a live-duo, uniting vocals and live instruments on stage. Tell us a little bit more about how a typical JazzyFunk gig would look like and what makes it so special.

JF: The union of live vocals, keyboards, electronic drums and sax and guitar are our basis of an impressive and unique live session. All tracks are reworked and re-edited with what we call, “JF Mix” overlapping electronic effects and loops with live musical improvisations.

Since you have started producing: which is your personal favorite production of all and why?

JF: Celebrate – is our Top track

Your Top5 all-time favourite tracks are…

JF: Basically we don’t have favorite tracks but favorite artists
MACS: Henrik Schwarz, Francesco Tristano, Benoit & Sergio, Todd Terje, Maceo Plex, Hot Natured, Miguel Campbell, Disclosure, Daft Punk
FILIPPO Stevie Wonder, Gregory Porter, Jamie Cullum , Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson & many more

Your studio set up looks like…

JF: The JazzyFunk Recording Studio is located in the heart of Verona with an inspiring view on the banks of the Adige river. It’s made of a Main Room, Vocal Boot and a Dj Room. It’s always a pleasure to receive worldwide artists for sharing the passion of music. We have around 10.000 vinyls where we sample sounds. We think this is the key.

Please tell us a little bit about the process of producing a new record. How do you start new projects?

JF: We start from samples by old vinyls and then we build new melodies and chords & sounds.

You are living in Verona in Italy. What is it like music-wise? Do you go clubbing a lot? What is your favorite venue?

JF: We have few good clubs , but the nightlife here is very calm. We don’t go clubbing a lot because it’s our work. We love to go to concerts.

Italy is a great country for food. For sure Verona is a great place for that, too. Which restaurants could you recommend your fans when visiting your home town? Which is your favorite of all?

JF: Here the house of good food. I can recommend “Ristorante 12 apostoli & iI Desco”.

What is the proudest moment of your career to date?

JF: Maybe the opening set for Paris Hilton in Odessa (Ukraine) last year.

What big projects can we expect next from you? For sure you have already scheduled several new releases for 2017?

JF: for 2017 you can expect many more releases, yes. New live clips are coming your way shortly.

Finally, what advice can you give young artists who wanna make a living from music?

JF: Nowdays it’s very hard. You need to have a strong personality and very good skills. Being a DJ is not enough. Follow your dreams and NEVER GIVE UP!

Thank you very much! Great to have you on the label!

JF: It’s always a pleasure to work with Déepalma, our homebase. Hard work is always rewarded.

City Lights by JazzyFunk & Stage Rockers is now available in all stores worldwide!

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