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January 2016

Hi mate! First of all Happy New Year! Great to have you here! How did you spend New Years Eve? Did you play a show?
Hello guys, thanks for having me! I actually stayed at home on NYE and spent all night worked on music… To be fair, this is my favourite thing to do so I was well happy! But I did play a show in Georgia on January 3rd, so that was my New Year Eve event.

You are French but are living in London. Where in France are you originally coming from and why/when did you leave?
I was born in a small town called Niort, in the Deux-Sevres region, in the mid west. I moved to London a few months after my 18th birthday to go to University and study music full time. Because I knew I wanted to become a professional musician since the age of 15 I knew I had to go to a place where where music was HAPPENING (and not too far away from home, to keep my parents happy), so that meant either London or Paris. Choosing London was a no-brainer as I’d been to Paris a few times as a child but to me London seemed truly magical, and it the home of pop music… a different world! Plus, for my parents it meant that even if I failed as a musician I’d eventually come back home speaking a different language… And 18 years later, I’m still here.

Your current release on Déepalma “Tetris” is a collaboration with Stage Rockers. How did you meet the guys and where did the idea for the tune come from? What inspired you? What was your part in the production process?
Me and the guys have never actually met in person, so this very typical modern-age collaboration, where everything gets done online. Johnny Rockers sent me a message a year ago saying he liked my music and asked me if I’d be interested in a collab. He sent me a few beats, one of them being Tetris, which I liked. So he sent me the files, I arranged it differently, added some sounds to it, mainly my claps, some of the synths, the arpeggio and the HEY HEY part. We then went back and forth until we were all happy with the final version and then got in touch with you guys, who liked it too!

Although you have found your signature sound, we have realised different styles within your productions. Sometimes deep, sometimes funky or even more peaktime. That shows that you seem to have a lot of different influences concerning your musical background. What artists have influenced you over all the years and why?
So many artists have influenced me over the years, from the house music spectrum of course but many others too, pop, rock, jazz, funk, jazz-fusion… This is actually the world I really come from. So I will equally get inspired by the likes of Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, film music, DJ Koze or Jimpster. I really love a producer called Doza, which used to be in a DJ duo called the Lawnchair Generals back in the day. Doza is now back in the game and I’ll be releasing a superb EP from him on my label Supremus very shortly, so I’m super excited about this. I also love Etienne De Crecy, Alex Gopher and all the original French House guys. Derrick Carter and The Classic Music Company, but I also love Soft Rock, stuff like Michael Mcdonald and Doobie Brothers. And I’m a real Steely Dan freak. I think this is my favourite music to listen to.

Supremus Records is your new label. Tell us a bit about it. Why did you start it, what is a typical Supremus tune/release sounding like?
Supremus is my baby: I can’t believe it took me that long to start my own label… I just decided that it was time to do something new, change my daily routine of only producing and DJing… But also, I had a bunch of music I’d done a few years ago that I couldn’t seem to find a good home for, some of it was a bit more commercial, some more weird, so I thought it would be a good experiment to do this all myself. While the label is mainly for my own releases, side projects and experiments, I also plan on releasing music from other producers of course. Mathew Anderson is one of these guys, his Drop The Drop EP came out back in November and is a real beauty. At the moment, the sound I want for the label is moody, warm-sounding, interestingly produced and musical enough so that you’ll still be able to listen to in a few years time. I’m not going for fat bangers, more stuff you can enjoy in the club but also really appreciate at home. So we’ll see where that leads me.

Since you have started producing: which is your personal favorite production of all and why?
I’d say that under the GIOM alias one personal favourite is a track called Play On, originally released in 2012 on a Greek label called fly in a Jam but which I’m re-releasing on Supremus any day now as part of a compilation called Remasters. It’s a very simple track but somehow the balance of deep, mood, bump and disco is right and I still often play it out at my gigs.

What is your all-time favorite record of other producers?
Impossible to answer that. Deep burnt by Pepe Bradock maybe? or Superdiscount by Etienne De Crecy?

Your Top5 tracks from the past 12 months that you love to play in your sets are…
1. Doza – Pleasure – Sublevel
2. Giom – DreamDoll – Supremus
3. Jimpster – English rose – Freerange
4. Azari & III – Reckless (Steve Lawler Remix) – Virgin
5. Davi – Illusion – Tenampa Recordings

We heard you are also a professional drummer. Are you also playing in a band? If yes: which one and which genre? If no: why not?
I have been playing professionally for many years but since house music took over, this has definitely taken a back seat. The last proper gig I did was a 9 months-long tour with Alice Russell a couple of years ago. I do however, have a brand new band happening at the moment but I’m keeping a bit secret to avoid confusing people. All I can say is that is radically different to House music, and since launching our 1st track back in August, we have accumulated over 1 million genuine plays on Soundcloud, so this looks very promising and exciting!

Your studio set up looks like…
… paradise! I have everything I need to make music. Big iMac, Ableton, couple of studio monitors, bit of hardware, a few controllers, a few vintage synths, TR8, Slim Phatty. I really cannot complain, it’s awesome. The sound in the room is dreadful though, but after nearly 5 years I’m used to it now.

What advice can you give young artists who wanna make a living from only music?
Be patient. Do it for the right reasons, and that should only be because you love it, no matter what. The moment you feel like something may be owed to you, you’re fooling yourself. And always pay for your music.

You are in the business for a long time already. How do you see the increasing importance of being well present in the social media? We know, that for many artists who also experienced the “good old days” within the music industry all this social media hype can be really annoying. What’s your opinion about it? And are you handling all that on your own or do you have a management who deals with that?
I don’t think about it, I just do it. To be honest I find it quite boring and sometimes infuriating to talk about myself and do promo all the time but this is how it works, so I just deal with it and update my social medias, websites, twitters, instagrams and all that stuff every day. I do everything by myself, no management.

What is London alike music-wise? Do you go clubbing a lot? What is your favorite venue?
London is such a great city for music, no matter what you’re into you’ll find like-minded people there. I go to a lot of live gigs but club-wise for me it’s all about Fabric. To this day it’s still my favourite club I’ve ever been to and played at. And the line-ups are always on point.

What big projects can we expect next from you? For sure you have already scheduled several new releases for 2016? Collaborations? Labels?
A lot of the work I did between during the later part of last year is about to come out, so there are remixes for the likes of Fred Everything, Daniel Solar, Positive Divide, there’s also the Remasters collection I was mentioning earlier (out on January 29th)… I’m also planning to launch a new alias for my more Nu-Disco productions. I have 2 solid EPs already lined up for this so we’ll see. I also plan a GIOM remix pack where I get some of my favourite artists to remix for some my own tracks, but that is probably for the summer … And finally, a lot of beautiful music that will come out on Supremus later on. Lots to do and work on then

Thank you very much! Great to have you on the label!
Thanks for having me guys, looking forward to do some great work together.

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