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Hi Emma! Great to have you here for our readers! A stunning release of yours is dropping on Déepalma this month. Tell us a little bit about this track.

Well ..I am a child of the 80’s ! I grew up listening to Donna Summer, Level 42, Hue & Cry, Five Star, Duran Duran etc.. and I still love to blast a bit of old school (but good!) 80’s cheese! There’s so many elements that fit so nicely with the nu disco sound that I absolutely adore right now! After listening to quite a lot of music that has that kinda 80’s edge from labels like LouLou records, Bunny Tiger and of course Déepalma I really felt so inspired that making this track was so natural for me.

You are having KORT included in the release package with a truly amazing interpretation. On which other projects have you worked with him before and how did you meet eachother?

Ben Webb aka Kort had a track released on Copyright records called “No Fear” a couple of years ago ( which hit traxsource number 1). I absolutely fell in love with it after hearing it dropped by Sam Holt and Gavin Mils aka Copyright at a Defected in the house night at Ministry of Sound. I decided to do a little investigating and checked our Kort’s previous releases and just loved his chunky, bouncy out & out house beats that I decided to contact him randomly and ask him if he’d like to collaborate on a track and luckily he liked my voice ! We made a track called “Gratitude” which was released on the legendary King Street Sounds. Last year Kort started his own label Tropical Velvet which has enjoyed a good amount of Traxsource and beatport success and recently enjoyed the jackin house chart traxsource number 1 slot with his own release. I also released a track called “History” on Tropical Velvet with Deeptrak which was remixed by Terence Parker and received support from Roger Sanchez. The label has also been putting on some amazing parties, showcasing the artists that release on it and I have been honoured to have been on the line up to perform my music at them! Kort and I are at present making a new track at the moment , I laid down the vocals last week ..so I await with excitement!

Five artists that you would love to collaborate with and why are…

It’s hard to pick but, these are the first ones that hit me!
Mark Ronson – why not aim high?!
Sandy Rivera – well he’s produced some of the greatest vocal house of all time and is still on point ! Weiss – Wow this guy is just pure fire right now such solid production.
Josh Butler – I don’t think this chap makes anything that I don’t like! His production has blown me away multiple times. I can only have one more ?! ..mm may be .. MK – just purely because of his creativity with vocals and I love the way the vocals that he uses are spliced and vary so much with the artists he chooses to sample. DENNIS FERRER! Omg..you gotta let me have him too as a number 6?! Every track this guy makes sounds different and he never ceases to surprise me!

Your whole life obviously revolves around music. In those spare moments apart, what do you love the most? What hobbies do you have? What makes you happy besides your music life?

Well I’m a Mummy ! So I have to work around my children which is tricky but I’m lucky cos they are little house heads too. They obviously take up a huge amount of my time so I really don’t get much time spare ! But if I do I love to head to the beach if it’s a nice day and I do try to keep a bit fitter now and walk my dog as much as I can and hit the swimming pool as I love to swim !

Which place from around the world remains true in your heart as your favorite to date where you’ve performed at?

No doubt about it I performed to an awesome huge crowd of around 5000 at last year’s world renowned Nottinghill carnival. I was so nervous my knees were trembling when I got on the stage and saw how big the crowd was! But it was electrifying ! A great reaction and a definite high point for me that I’ll never forget.

Name five of your all-time favorite records…

Too hard !! So I’ll try and stick to house !
1. MAW- BACKFIRED ( Joey Negro mix)

Tell us a little bit about the House music scene in the UK. What could our readers expect if they went out in London with you? What places can you recommend?

House music is so exciting in London, it’s played everywhere! so so many clubs but for me it’s not just about the big boys, I love the smaller too! My favourite haunts in London are Egg, Lightbox and small yet perfectly formed down and dirty venue ‘The Nest’ .

What is the proudest moment of your career to date?

That’s an easy one, my release with Flashmob for the mighty DFTD ! I’ve been a huge fan of Defected records for well over 10 years so to have had a release signed to their imprint label meant the world to me.

What are your plans for the next months? Any exciting releases or projects coming up?

Yes !! well…obviously some I can’t tell you about as they are in progress and quite often tracks will change..but I can tell you that I have a release coming out with K&K (who really have been getting a lot of love on their music from some huge names atm) that’s coming out on onefold digital. A tasty collaboration in the making with the deepshakerz is almost finished, and obviously my ongoing work with Deeptrak never stops..!

Thanks a lot for the interview, Emma!

Emma Black “4bidden” drops on Déepalma on September 2016